Saturday, May 13, 2006


Sometime between yesterday evening and this morning, my stats counter turned into a 5-digit number. Yes, I hit the 10,000 mark almost 7 months after I began this blog. Woohoo!

Keep visiting, keep commenting, and I'll keep writing :)

Thank you....[solemn tone, single tear rolling down the right cheek]...thank you.


MadMax said...

Hello, Congrats on ur 10,000 Hit Mark...stumbled upon ur blog recently(quite enjoy it)...actually was lookin for UAE related blogs since plan on moving there n was a Surprise to see one by an exMontrealer...Cheers

laila said...

mabrouk :P 3akbel el 100,000

Mar said...

DS here's another one planning on moving to the UAE. Yalla spread your encouraging energy.I second what Laila said :)

BuJ said...

you have 10,000 hits, and seems u even read my blog and I'm the last to know!

look forward to 100,000 :)

Dubai Sunshine said...

Thank you all :)

Max, when do you plan to move here?

Mar...3akbel your move here too :)

Laila, yalla forget rainy Boston and come join us here in sunny Dubai!

Buj: better late than never :) Thanks for the wishes. I enjoy your blog a lot!

BuJ said...

glad that's so!
ahlan wa sahlan.
although i've never seen u comment b4 :)