Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A-D jumps on the bandwagon

Abu Dhabi will have its own metro system that will be linked up to the Dubai metro system. This means easier travel between the two emirates.

In theory, this sounds great! I, for one, would love to hop on to a train every weekend to go to Abu Dhabi, instead of having to take my car.

But this will depend on a lot of things. Where will the stations be? How crowded will the trains be? How convenient are the timings? How quick are these trains? How much will the trips cost?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this whole metro project works out.


chazoo said...

This kind of project is great for a city, as long as it is cerefully planned to service the people it is meant to serve! Hopefully, or I should say: logically, studies will be made (demographics, population movement, engineering, marketing, etc.) to make sure of that.

In any case, modern transportation infrastructure is essential to further the economic progress of a country.

Now, how are they doing in the education department?

Mar said...

Sorbonne University is opening its door to students in Abu Dhabi in Sep. Now that's progress in the education department!

laila said...

hmmm I wonder if that will knoow, most people there might think that it's sooooo "uncool" to ride the metro!
(dont you just love the montreal one?)

BuJ said...

very good news about the trains... however since it's an AD job i won't exactly hold my breath waiting for the project to grace us with it's flowers :)

Dubai Sunshine said...

Buj, you're right....we'll see how well things go.

Laila, I do miss the Montreal metro. So convenient...and nice and warm when it's -40 outside and the last thing you want is to stand at the bus stop waiting for an over-filled bus to show up!