Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Oh how I miss...

....customer service!

I recently got a credit card renewal payment notice from my bank in Canada. But the thing is, I had cancelled my credit card before I moved here.

So I call my bank...(they even have a collect number! I didn't even have to pay long distance charges). The customer service rep was very friendly, asked for my credit card number, my date of birth, and my credit limit.

She apologized for the card not having been cancelled, said she would cancel it right away, and that she would reverse the charges so I didn't have to pay anything.

The whole process took 3 minutes of my time. Amazing!

Now that's what I call customer service! Something all banks in the UAE should learn about.


MadMax said...

Hi...gotta agree w/ ur take on C.S. over here, sometimes above n beyond, however not the case necessarily when it comes to dealin w/ Government or certain companies e.g. Videotron, Air Canada etc. The reps maybe very polite but it aint much fun holdin for 10 mins n hearing that Regrettably there is nothing I can do about that or You will have to pay extra for that...is there somethin else i can assis ya wit...Gee thks but no thks!

BuJ said...

what i wonder is did this make you "feel fine" afterwards? ;)

hehe.. joking aside.. u got a good point...

our development has reached world-standard in terms of building hight, maximum number of islands built, and biggest ski slopes nearest to the equator etc... but one has to remember the very basic limits when it comes to non-tangible simple things.