Monday, May 15, 2006


No, this post is not about my obsession with shoes (and for someone who loves shoes so much, I really don't own enough of them!)

Yersterday I was driving on Sheikh Zayed Road, and at one point, traffic was extremely slow. I thought it was probably either another accident, or just the beginning of the rush-hour jam. After about 10 minutes or so of stop-start driving, the cause of the jam was revealed: shoes.

Yep, shoes.

There were shoes scattered on the road. Black shoes. No heels. All the same model. About a dozen or so pairs, just lying there, getting run over by cars.

I don't know how those shoes ended up there, I guess the truck that was carrying them dropped them somehow, or maybe it had gotten into an accident earlier. I just thought it was odd to see so many pairs of the same shoe on the road like that.

And no, they weren't my kind of shoes.


Mar said...

Shoes in the middle of the road is much better than a chair.Yes!I had to swerve in the middle of the highway so I wouldn't hit it. You can drive over shoes but I don't know about a chair :)Shoes hehehe ya Alla!

laila said...

oh..i was just gonna ask you if they were cute :)

BuJ said...

coool.. shoes!

u know u can sell proper shoes at the place of the scattared shoes coz ppl will slow down and have more time to enjoy z view!

brilliant idea! drive thru shoe shop!
proper shoes not just crappy clarks

bandicoot said...

It would take some time to list all the odd things I had to drive over or swerve to avoid at the last second over the years, but the last thing I encountered was a bunch of road work cones scattered on SZR not far from the MoE. It was night and as I avoided one I ran over the other. The noise it made as my car went over it was sickening and when I got home I found a piece of it lodged under the number plate! If there was any damage done to my car, I guess I‘ll learn about at the next garage visit (already overdue). Perhaps these are the “surprises” referred to in those funny “Road Surprises Ahead!” signs, though I don’t remember seeing any at the time!

Ccee said...

hmmm got me curious.. if they fell of a truck there should have been boxes along..
nope I don't believe that's what really happened..
I believe it's been done on purpose.. they belonged to a shoes freak.. they became out of fashion.. (clue: weren't appealing to Sunshine).. she didn't know how to get rid of them.. it was too hard for her.. yet it had to be done.. a shoes massacre!
no mercy left in this world.. tsktsk

Fashion said...

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