Sunday, January 15, 2006


A few weeks ago, I had written about how 6Days had used the expression "Tu pableo Espanol" erroneously. Well, now it seems it's Emirates Today's turn to prove to us why they don't need proofreaders.

Here's the headline from one of today's articles:

Soaring rents reflect new caché of Umm Al Quwain

Umm...Helloooooo.....It's cachet...not caché!!!!! C A C H E T!

Journalists, editors and proofreaders out there, take note! If you come across a word that's not used often, if you come across an expression in a different language, if you come across a word you're not so sure about, then how 'bout you run it by a little thing called spell-check? Or even a nice little website called And again, if you're really not sure about the word, then don't use it!

I have nothing against Emirates Today....on the contrary, I think they are doing a rather good job, I enjoy their articles, I enjoy the topics they cover and I like the way most of the articles are written. But this is not just your basic spelling mistake that slipped through the cracks....This is a serious mistake, the kind of mistake that a young publication that is trying to establish itself should never make!


sky said...

Again, this is why you should only buy Gulf News.

nzm said...

In this instance, spellcheck wouldn't have helped, because cache (with an acute accent) is a bonafide word.

What they need is to borrow the KT's dictionary which Samuraisam has "virtually" given them via his blog.

Samuraisam's gift to KT


samuraisam said...
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Dubai Sunshine said...

NZM, I have tried to find the word "caché" on and on, and neither show any entries for the word....I know that's a word in French, but I don't think it's an English word, unless you have info from another source. If so, then please let me know (just for my own personal knowledge....)

Samuraisam, your post about the KT is hilarious! I am really surprised that despite the severe beating KT's editorial level has gotten on UAE blogs and other publications, they have not done anything to make improve it. And seriously...I mean, seriously....what self-respecting newspaper uses "Your favourite number one newspaper" as a selling line! Who's the genius behind this idea? Find him/her and fire the hell out of him/her NOW!

samuraisam said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Samuraisam....

Seems like you need to do a bit of proof-reading in your comments....

"...slight errors hear and there,"

Hello??? "hear and there" or "here and there"??

samuraisam said...
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