Saturday, January 14, 2006

Editorial choices

I sometimes question the editorial choices of newspapers in this country. In today's Emirates Today, on page 8, the top article is about the recent Hajj stampede tragedy. It shows a particularly poignant picture of a man in tears, calling his relatives to confirm the death of a loved one, after identifying his/her picture amongst the hundreds of pictures of those who were killed.

Then, another article about how Iran treatens to bar UN inspectors from its nuclear facilities.


But it's the third article on that same page that made me look was an article about how "Pop star Ms Dynamite pleads guilty to hitting police officer".

My questions are:

Who is Ms Dynamite?
Why is this piece of news not included in the entertainment section of the newspaper just a few pages away?
Do we really care about Ms Dynamite, whoever she is?
Does it really make journalistic sense to add this particular piece of "news" next to the more important and serious news of tragedy and death?

How can the newspaper include both and article about a human tragedy, about sorrow, about death, about grief....and an article about some silly British popstar I've never heard of pleading guilty to doing something utterly stupid and childish on the same page????

Doesn't make sense to me.


sky said...

That is why you should always buy Gulf News


Dubai Sunshine said...

I should get it for free!! :)