Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to work

My holiday is over. Today it was back to the hustle and bustle of Dubai and the long working hours. I still feel like I'm on vacation however, I barely got any work done today. The office is still half-empty anyway, with many people taking extended vacations because of Eid coming up next week.

Speaking of which, we still do not know how many days off we are getting next week. Emirates Today does mention that the public sector is getting six days off in one of its headlines today, but then the article goes on to mention that "all ministries and public institutions will be closed for five days, from Monday, January 9 to Wednesday, January 13 inclusive". Hmm....So is it 6 days or 5 days off? And January 13th is a Friday, not a Wednesday. And if in fact, Friday the 13th is the last day of the Eid holiday, then it means that the public sector is getting either 3 or 4 days off only (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and maybe Thursday if they actually do work on Thursdays, which is not always the case). So which is it? And what I want to know really is how many days is the private sector getting? I just hope that we won't get the 3 days right in the middle of week (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), and then have to come back to work on Thursday! That would be just horrible!


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid it WILL be the 3 middle days.. anyway, having "Arafa" Day (Monday) off is a must and they'll never give 4 days holidays to private sector..

Dubai Sunshine said...

Actually, we just got an e-mail confirming that we are getting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off....I guess it's a company decision. Which makes sense!