Saturday, January 07, 2006

My pet peeves

  • People who are not punctual
  • People who spit on the street
  • People who do not let me through when I am trying to change lanes or merge into a lane
  • People who enter and elevator before you get the chance to get out of it
  • People who don't hold the door when you're behind them
  • People who do not say "thank you"
  • People who are just plain rude
  • Body odour
  • Going to a restaurant and asking what a dish is made of, and getting "I don't know" as an answer
  • Bad customer service
  • Stupidity
  • Laziness
  • Constant complaining and whining
  • Spelling mistakes in ads/newspapers/restaurants/brochures
  • People who have an attitude without an excuse for having one
  • People who hold a grudge
  • People who jump ahead rather than wait for their turn in line
  • People who like use the word "like" like 3 times in like one sentence

I am sure there are many more but I can't think of any right now. I'll update the list if I think of any more. What are your pet peeves?


  • People who eat while on the phone
  • People who eat with their mouthes open
  • People who chew gum with their mouthes open
  • People who talk too much and don't give you the chance to get a word across
  • People who interrupt you when you're talking
  • People who are inconsiderate


redstar said...

My favourite restaurant peeve in Dubai is the response you get when asking what's in a certain dish.

'What is dish x exactly?'

'Mm. It like dish x.'

'Thanks a lot'.

moryarti said...

mine is when waiters clear your plate before your partner (or the rest of the table) finishes.

This is a very common error in dubai restaurants.. It embarrassing for both you and your partner.

Table should only be cleared out after everyone at the table is done eating.

btw, if you have any stories on bad customer experiences, do post em here... It would be interesting to hear everyone's side of the story.

Anonymous said...

- People that can't handle driving and talking on the phone or putting on make up or eating....or even reading, especially when they're backing up traffic or hitting the freakin' brake 10 times going from lane to lane at 25mph, in a 45mph zone.....

- People that react to a green light 10 seconds late.

- 3 minute TV commercials every 6 minutes of a '1 hour' long program.

- The over use of the term " But this is my right" especially when applied to the stupidest situations.

- Loud mouths in theaters, on trains, etc... and people sitting behind you on a plane or cinema that don't stop nudging your seat.

- People that can't handle their liquor and think they're funny when really they are the furthest away from it.

- Mr. and Mrs. know it all, especially when trying to set their marks on something that totally does not concern them or does not even relate to what they

- Over political correctiveness!

- People walking in the middle of the side walk leaving little room on either side for people to pass.

- Ignorance

- Lack of common courtesy

- Routine

- Paying your heart out for something and not getting your money's to restaurants or to car mechanics or to the tax guy!

I can go on and on but I think that I contributed enough this time!


Anonymous said...

Two more I thought of:

- Incoming cell phone calls at church.....

- People that say stupid s*%@ to people for the sake of small talk. For example: "Did you gain a few pounds?"....."You look awfull today!"


Dubai Sunshine said...

Habz...I agree with a lot of your points...I especially like the last one "Did you gain a few pounds" which seems to be a common one in this part of the world. I once got a stupid comment as well: "why isn't your hair highlighted like all those other young women out there?"...Believe me when I tell you I was dumbfounded when I heard this. What kind of stupid comment is that??? Did she not have anything else to say about me so she decided to question my hair color?

Moryarti...totally agree with you...and yes, I am sure I'll find several instances of bad customer experiences to write about :)

Redstar...again, completely agree. Restaurant employees really do need better training...Going to a restaurant should be a pleasurable experience from A-Z...the food, the service, the way the waiter treats you, how quickly your order arrives, at what point in the meal do the dishes arrive, if your drinks are served on time, if the waiter is available, yet not constantly hovering over you....and so much more!