Monday, November 21, 2005

Word of the day 3

Hmm...I see that Word of the day 2 has generated even more responses than word of the day 1 :) I promised myself I'll at least do it for a week so I am gonna keep going, at least until day 7!

Today's Word of the Day:

subterfuge \SUB-tur-fyooj\, noun: A deceptive device or stratagem.

He was so adept at subterfuge...he made her believe she was eating chicken, when really, the meat on her plate was rabbit!


Cynthia said...

George Bush used a subterfuge to win the elections !!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Hehe good one cuz....and thanks for participating :)

sky said...

It's too big of a word...the Bush phrase is perfect. But would Bush himself understand it??


they don't use words like subterfuge in texas

"fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on...well you know, a fool can't be fooled twice"

He'd use FOOL instead of SUBTERFUGE

i hate Bush