Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sleepless in Dubai

4:00AM...Just got home from a party. A colleague organized a party at his place to celebrate 3 birthdays at once: mine and 2 other colleagues'. It was lots of fun, until the cops showed up (seems to be a recurring thing with me and parties...cops always end up showing up!). But we had had our fun already so it was OK. I felt like I was back in university, when we used to go eat somewhere after clubbing, or go home and order pizza....tonight, we all ended up at the Burger King located right next to the nearest gas station.

This is my first birthday celebration in Dubai, and although I had a good time, it still doesn't feel right. I am not with my real friends. It's not the same when you don't have your loved ones around you, the ones you care about the most...the ones who matter the most. But I am thankful...knowing that my friends will be thinking about me on my birthday...knowing that no matter what the distance that separates us, it'll always be the same between us...knowing that even after not speaking for months, we can pick up right where we left off...knowing how lucky I am to have friends like that in my life.

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