Thursday, November 17, 2005

What I like about living in the Emirates

In order not to make it appear as if I am constantly whining and complaining about living in the Emirates, I have compiled a list of things I actually like about living here:

1) The's especially easy to appreciate the weather around this time of year. Montreal has had its first snowfall already, while it is finally starting to feel nice and breezy in the evenings here.
2) The beach. Such a blessing! Just like my father, I truly believe there's something therapeutic about the beach. Nothing compares to the way you feel after a long day of swimming and tanning. And the absolute best time to be on the beach is around's simply incredible.
3) An easier life. Despite my long work hours, I find living here less stressful in some ways. How? By getting people to do things for you. Like honking outside the bakala (depanneur) and asking the guy to bring whatever you want to your car! (I don't do this by the way...I am not that lazy!). Or by calling the bakala 5 times a day and have the guy deliver things to your house.
4) Driving my car. I just love driving, and blasting good music. And the roads here are so well maintained...nothing like Montreal's potholes!
5) Good Arabic food.
6) Being closer to my family and seeing them (almost) every week.

You'll notice that my "What I like about the Emirates" list is shorter than my "What I miss about Montreal"...

Maybe this will change eventually. But I just spent 20 minutes trying to think of more things to write, and I couldn't.

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