Monday, November 14, 2005

Another day at the office

It's past midnight and I just got was one of those crazy days where you run around like a chicken without a head...where you have so much work you don't even know where to start prioritizing! But it ended on an OK note as we had a client related event at Sho Cho's, which was actually quite fun. I am blessed to have clients I get along with (well...most of them at least).

But it's still too hot and humid to be able to enjoy an evening out. The month of November is very moody that way. One day it's really nice and breezy, and the other it's hot and stuffy. But I keep reminding myself that I could be in good ol' Monty adding one layer of clothing on top of the other. So I am not complaining...Although I do go through the odd moment of nostalgia, where I wish that it were cold outside, while I am indoors all nice and warm, wearing a nice thick sweater, looking out the window. That feeling of coziness is unique. It goes back to my high school days in Abu Dhabi when it used to rain, and we'd turn the lights on in class. I just loved it! Maybe because it was so rare, but it really made me happy.

I cannot end this post without talking about another irritating factor about Dubai: I cannot STAND the way the roads keep changing every day! This morning I was going to my client's offices and they had closed the exit I usually I had to take an extra long detour and take the exit a few kilometers away, setting me back 15 minutes (I was already late to begin with so this did not help). And this is not the first time this has happened to me...The area I live/work in is a complete construction site, so this happens quite frequently. Will Dubai every be a city free of the construction madness?

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Raz said...

Don't blame the changing roads. I know the truth: "you're the worst driver when in comes to directions!!!". Shall I remind you of the near head-on collision with a wall?!?!!?!