Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dubai vs. Montreal

Things I miss about Montreal (in no particular order):

1) Walking...I didn't have a car there, so I mostly walked everywhere (I also miss public transportation believe it or not....the metro is a blessing!)
2) Not having to be stuck in traffic every day (goes with point number 1)
3) Easy banking (refer to previous post)
4) Decent rents
5) My morning cappucino from Second Cup, on my way to work
6) Being able to buy booze directly from the SAQ...no need for an alcohol license....or no need to call a shady guy we only know as "Booze Guy"
7) McGill College street lights around Christmas time
8) The sound of fresh snow under my boots
9) Chapters and Indigo....I could spend hours in those places browsing through all the books
10) Working shorter hours
11) Watching ER on Thursday nights (they only play older episodes here)
12) My yoga classes at the YMCA
13) Our cat Shrimpie (he now goes by the name of Cat, or Catkout)
14) The Jazz Festival/Comedy Festival/Fireworks competition/Francofolies
15) Our apartment on De La Montagne street
16) Toasted bagels with cream cheese
17) Old architecture
18) Cool hangout places like Gogo Lounge and Whisky Cafe (not that I was a party animal, but I love the atmosphere in those places)
19) The Quebecois accent (it grows on you...eventually)
20) All the friends I left behind


Cynthia said...

Hey Tam, just to let you know Montreal had its' first snowfall today !!! It's quite beautiful but in the back of my head I know the worst is yet to come !!! On another note, this season ER is just not what it used to be, u ain't missing much !!! Thursday nights are not the same anymore !!!

Anonymous said...

i just came across your blog and i know exactly how u feel