Monday, November 14, 2005

Everything is different in Dubai

After 7 months spent in Dubai, I have learned to appreciate so many things I took for granted when I was in Montreal. Banking is one of them!

I have been trying to open up a payroll account at my bank for the past two months literally, and I think I have finally succeeded...I made the mistake of opening up a savings account when I first opened up my bank account. I then discovered that with a payroll account, I can get free cheques and a free credit card for life...hence my decision to switch accounts. But of course, I needed to fill out an application form, get a letter from my employer, submit the application form manually, only to find out the letter from my employer was not in the right format, so then I had to wait another couple of weeks until the new letter was ready in order to re-submit my application. least my application went through! I am finally getting somewhere with this banking thing!

So today I go to the bank to pick up my credit card and cheque book (because of course, they do not mail those, you have to go pick them up yourself....and I did try to call the bank around 10 times this morning to make sure these were ready, but the line was always busy. I guess they've never heard of an automated answering system), only to find out that I did not in fact get a credit card, and that I had to fill out another application to get it!
So here I am, 2 months later, with a payroll account, a cheque book, but still no credit card! I was told it should be ready in 10 days, at which point I will have to go pick it up from the branch, of course. And to think that in Montreal, all it took was an online application, or a quick phone call, to get all my banking needs fulfilled!

Speaking of banking needs, I still cannot pay my phone bill online! The phone company is still not equipped to accept online payments from its customers, so every time I have to pay a bill, I have to physically go to the phone company and pay in person!

The only other option they give me to pay my bills is by credit card....

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