Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chilling in Dubai

This weekend was a lazy lazy as can be! I haven't had a weekend like this in a while. The kind of weekend where you just bum around all day, watching TV, browsing the net, renting movies. I decided to catch up on my movies this weekend, since I haven't seen anything in a while, so I rented 3 movies. Here's a brief review of each one:

Featuring Adam Sandler, Tea Leoni and Spanish actress Paz Vega (who looks a lot like Penelope Cruz by the way!). A sweet story that deals with cross-cultural relations. It's nice to see Adam Sandler acting in something other than the stupid comedies he usually acts in. Paz Vega is quite simply charming in her role as a Mexican immigrant who works for an American family to give her daughter a better life. Tea Leoni over-acts a bit, but it's 13 year-old Shelbie Bruce (who plays Paz's daughter Cristina), who steals the show. A good rental movie.

Featuring former Miss World Aishwarya Rai, this is another movie that deals with cross-cultural relations, this time between India and the US/UK. Very cheesy at times (especially the Bollywood-inspired song and dance numbers), it's an OK movie. Miss Rai is not the best of actresses, but this movie really made me want to visit India badly! The scenery is so beautiful and colorful! One of the scenes takes place in Goa, which looks simply stunning! Visiting India is definitely going on my "must do before I die" list.

Directed by Martin Scorsese, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, and Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn (Cate does an amazing job in this role!). A good movie, a good story, Leo is also impressive in this role. I admire the way he always picks challenging and interesting roles...He could have gone the Ben Affleck-road and chosen all-American big-budget blockbusters after the success of Titanic, but he didn't. Good for him!


sky said...

Do not diss Ben

Dubai Sunshine said...

I am only stating the one good movie Ben has acted in?

sky said...

But I reserve the right to diss him. Me and only me.