Sunday, September 03, 2006


The talk of the town (or the country) these days is the new weekend system that has just been implemented.

The new weekend is now officially Friday-Saturday for all government businesses. The private sector is still a grey area...I had written about this in one of my first posts on this blog. Why is it so hard for everyone to have the same weekend?

OK, fine, this Friday-Saturday thing is already a step in the right direction, but my father for example, who works in the private sector, still only has one day off (Friday). Why? People need 2 days off if only for their physical and mental wellbeing! Are people in the private sector less important than those in the public sector? Why can't the government regulate the private sector weekend as well, since the private sector won't make a decision to unify weekends?

And although in my previous post I was complaining about everyone not having the same weekend, I now wish it would remain that way...I used to enjoy my Saturdays off when the rest of the country was working...I'd be able to shop in peace, I'd get appointments to get my nails done easily, I'd be able to squeeze in my doctor's appointments or bank appointments....

Now, this has all changed...I went shopping yesterday, and the mall was packed! Kids, families, the whole world was there!

Oh, and Keefie, I know what you mean when you say that it doesn't matter to you because you work all the time....Cause where was I yesterday afternoon (a Saturday....until 9PM)? Yep, you guessed it...WORK!

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chazoo said...

I find it bizarre that people have different weekends in the UAE, especially the way you talk about it. Over here Saturday Sundays are the weekend and it seems there is no confusion about it.

About your dad - I kind of disagree with you there... He works in the service industry therefore has to be available when people are. Just like the workers in that packed mall you're talking about. I mean, imagine if on your weekend, the day you have free to shop for airplane tickets or clothes or food, everyone was off work! Here, people who work full time in the service industry get mondays and tuesdays or some combination other than weekend days off.

About governement workers - well "fonctionnaires" is the key word here. In any country it seems to be the same: well paid cushy jobs 20 000 days off a y'know? I wish I had a governemnt job sometimes!

Are you pro-union? (maybe that's one of the things I don't know about you)