Friday, September 29, 2006

You know "winter" is coming soon in the UAE when... walk out of the house in the evening and you're pleasantly surprised by how mild the weather is. walk out of the house and your eyeglasses/sunglasses don't fog up because of the humidity. decide that it's OK to keep your car at home and walk to the supermarket that's 3 blocks away. see people sitting outside having dinner at Madinat Jumeirah. decide to drive with your car windows open, instead of blasting the A/C.

Yay! Winter is here ('s on its way at least). Finally!


Mohammed UK said...

... Zuhr prayer at the mosque one block away doesn't feel like a mission

... you fancy a cup of tea instead of a litre of water

... temperature gauge in the car when you set off for work at 7am reads under 30 celcius

... the thermostat on the A/C actually cuts in and shuts the thing for a minute

... there are clouds in the sky (Al Ain!!)

... wifey's nose is cold

chazoo said...

It's funny how you wished for summer to arrive when you were here!!!

I'll take -10°C anytime over +45°C

Grace F said...

I have yet to experience UAE winter next year! I still couldn't imagine a "winter" in the desert.