Saturday, September 16, 2006


What is it with posts about food today?

I settled down to read my favourite blogs, and this is what happened:

First, I come across Dubai Daily Photo's post about the Dubai fish market, which he ends with a mouth-watering description of his dinner that night (oven roasted fish stuffed with coriander and chilli accompanied with fresh and crunchy bok choy in butter and soy sauce with quick fried julienned courgette)...Did you buy enough fish to invite us all to dinner DXBluey?

Then, I read Secret Dubai's post about the Seven Edible Wonders of Dubai...Thai chicken with cashews....Teryaki Steak Soba...Hammour in Holy Basil....mmmmm...yummy!

And then, I read Jayne with a Why's post about some cakes Grandma decided to buy, and how those cakes were "better than sex" according to Jayne! (Please, do tell us where this Eva Dolce place is in Abu Dhabi Jayne...I am there every weekend and have never even heard of it!)

As a result, I am now hungry, and I am craving fish, chicken, steak, and cake all at the same time!!!!


Keefieboy said...

You missed Half Man Half Beer's last couple of posts.

Jin said...

I'll get the directins from Hubs!

DXBluey said...

I probably could have fed a significant number of you!

It all turned out quite fine indeed!

Cheers for the link... I'll be linking to you... love the site... consider your Sunshine to be a UAE blog of note!



Dubai Sunshine said...

Keefie...I checked out HMHB's blog....Damn! Amazing stuff....and here I am feeling proud of myself when I prepare anything that requires more than 2 ingredients!

Jayne, I'll be waiting for those directions :)

Bluey, I can't seem to post any comments on your blog...Any idea why?

DXBluey said...

Hi Sunshine,

It's 'cos my blog is a stupid beta blogger...

Hopefully it'll all be joined up again soon...

I can't post on yours with my proper username, this one is set up soley to post on non beta blogs like yours... (wow... have I turned into a blog geek already!?)

Cheers for the link.


Jin said...

Sunshine.......dya know where the Etisalat branch is in Khalifa (I think its Khalifa......)Opposite, there's a shop called Istanbul & just a coupla small shops past that is Eva Dolce
I'll try & get more specific details!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

It's the etisalat next to municipality below Najda Street, not khalifa. Next to Najda street there's a row of places, Lebanese Roastery, Eva Dolce, Sultan Bakery, Lebanese Mill. It's for the Lebanese Roastery people.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Thanks Jin and thanks Anon...I know where Lebanese Roastery is, and my mission next weekend will be to find Eva Dolce :)

(OK I don't really know where it is, but I know my father does, so I will ask him how to get there....I am so bad with directions!)

nzm said...

DS: will that be before or after your father washes your car?


sky said...

Good one!

And DS, you put that last comment in because you knew I would say you have no idea where the Lebanese Roastery is...tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

To make it easier its the road between Abu Dhabi Mall and Najda street, the one straight ahead of the main ntrance of Abu Dhabi Mall. In the middle of it there's etisalat, then after that the row of places right before the intersection with Nadja street.

Arianna said...

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