Saturday, September 16, 2006

A celebrity in Abu Dhabi? How could that be?

I saw Jeremy Piven yesterday! I was walking into Emirates Palace, and I saw this guy talking to a couple of people at the entrance. The guy looked familiar, and as I walked past him, I figured out that it was him...
Apparently the show he's currently starring in, Entourage, is getting great reviews, and he's even won an Emmy for best supporting actor. I haven't seen it....I only know Jeremy Piven from the Ellen show.
It seems that Jeremy has been living it up in Abu Dhabi...he was spotted at Sax the night before (the jazz bar/lounge at the Royal Meridien hotel....and the only decent place left in Abu Dhabi).
I really wonder why any celebrity would come to Abu Dhabi? It's not your typical celebrity hotspot. Dubai is usually the city that attracts all the celebrities...Not that there's anything wrong with Abu Dhabi...on the contrary, anyone who reads this blog often enough knows that I prefer calmer, cosier, more charming Abu Dhabi to charmless Dubai.


Anonymous said...

to be a celebrity is to be a narcissist disconnected from the reality of people, in love with money, in lover with the concept of others worhsipping you. stupid, really.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

You said sax is the only decent place remaining in Abu Dhabi, but I htink the Jazz Bar at Hemmingways is a great and 'maturer' place if you haven't been there before. On weekend you would still find paces to sit by 9.

Leilouta said...

I can't believe you saw him!! I am jealous :)