Saturday, September 23, 2006

Phone confusion

I've decided it's time to buy myself a new cell phone...The one I currently have is 2 years old, it's big, and it's extremely slow. I want something smaller, faster, and more stylish.

I've owned Nokias, Motorolas and Sony Ericssons in the past, so I don't really have any preferences. I just want something that won't break down 5 months from now.

So, my dear readers, I am asking for your help. What phone would you recommend? I like the Motorola RAZR phones, but I am concerned about quality (I heard the battery life is really bad) and it just seems that EVERYONE has that phone. What about the LG Chocolate phone? Any good? Nokia's designs don't really inspire me, but maybe they have a cool phone that I've missed?

I don't care about having an amazing camera on the phone, I don't care about playing music on it, and I don't care about bluetooth, e-mail, or internet access on it either. I just want something I can use to call and send messages. And that looks really cool (yes, I am superficial like that).

Any suggestions?


Dubai-Informer said...

RAMADAN KAREEM to all readers and bloggers from the Dubai Informer

grapeshisha said...

Stay away from the Razr. It is a disaster, although very sexy looking. Im currently using the Nokia 6233 which is fantasic. It's all about whether you like the interface or not. The nokia one is prety simple and intuitive, and I find motorola very difficult to text. So 6233 plus my blackberry is great. And as a backup phone with super juice, I have the 6310 - it has the longest memory, the most durable, and will never let you down. You'll find it in the bottom of my laptop bag (unless Im flying through heathrow!) Good luck with the search.

Mar said...

There are a lot of new cool looking/sylish nokia fons. I got the 7370 and just noticed the extension of L'Amour Collection. check the 7373 and 7360 ones.They're really good fons.I'm a Nokia freak.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Well a Sony Ericsson of course! And no that has nothing to do with swedish

Ramadan Kareem

moryarti said...

IN addition to the Treo 650 and i-mate JAMin, I also use the same Nokia GrageShisha has. Its really good...

secretdubai said...

I bought a RAZR v3i because I needed a clamshell that was Mac compatible, and I must say that I am loving it so far. The OS isn't as easy/familiar as Nokia's, but the features are great. Mine is the itunes version (I didn't buy it for that, but it has turned into an added bonus).

Another great thing about the RAZR v3i is that it takes memory chips - in fact it came with one - making it more useful for photos (they're not great quality, but it's still useful).

And even better - it's possible to install your own mp3 ringtones. They've deliberately blocked you being able to use itunes songs as ringtones, but there's nothing to stop you installing an mp3 to the RAZR's multimedia (different from the itunes) folder, and setting it as your ringtone. Which saves a lot of money, time and hassle, given how crappy 2.5/3G services are here.

There are Nokias - and other brands - with similar and better functions, but for me getting a lightweight clamshell was critical. And this is the only one I found outside of the Korean/East Asian phones (Samsung, Pantec), pretty much none of which will sync with a Mac.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Thank you all for your suggestions...I will look into all these phones next time I go shopping.

I am the most indecisive person on the face of the earth, so hopefully sometime before the end of 2006, I'll have a new phone :)

nzm said...

Ok - did you check out my Sony Ericsson when your sis grabbed it from me over the table?

It's great!


sky said...

"I am the most indecisive person on the face of the earth"
Oh my God, that's the sanest thing you've ever said!
Don't get the RAZR, we can't have that in common as well!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

ohh ohh nzm! Go ericsson go ericsson!

I have the w800i as well. Done a good job so far.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Nzm and Shaykhspeara, I have the seen the Ericsson you're talking about...a couple of colleagues have it at work...It's cool, but it's not me :)

Sky, I KNEW you were going to comment on that indecisiveness predictable :p