Monday, June 25, 2007

Same old feeling

I was going through my posts from last year, and came across this one, which I wrote almost a year ago. It's amazing because I feel almost the same way now as I did a year ago.

The common denominator? Work! Too much work...And not enough energy to do it. I feel drained. And again, I'm in dire need of a holiday...Yes, I am leaving in a couple of days, but it's mostly work, and just a couple of real days off...But really, I'm dreading it more than anything. The last thing I want now is to get on a plane. With my clients!

All I want to do is take the battery our of my cell phone, disconnect my Internet, and curl up on my couch with a couple of DVD's and a good book.

And then maybe I'd decide to venture off to my pool for a couple of hours of suntanning... Then, I'd pop in for a quick, relaxing yoga class... Or a massage... mmm...sounds good...

Instead, I'm already dreading my return to work next week.... Help! Positive vibes needed again! Seriously.


Alexander said...

The best thing about flying with clients is getting on the IFE system's Trivia game and beating them. It helps not to be sitting next to the client... :)

KJ said...

Then you can imagine my surprise when I am told I am not to have any holiday until I "finish my service", which can be anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, and I have been working one year.

And if I get a holiday I will have to pay them compensation. LoL. Brilliant.