Friday, June 15, 2007

Salik...or not salik?

Everyone's been talking about this Salik thing. And although I know it's coming, I haven't been too concerned by it...until now.

As I was driving from Jebel Ali to Dubai yesterday, I noticed the new signs that warn you where the next toll payment zone is, and where the last free exit is. Incidentally, I noticed that the last free exit before Salik charges you is the exit to my apartment. GREAT! So can I expect never ending traffic jams in a couple of weeks from now?

Anyway, since everyone seems to have an opinion about Salik, here's mine (nothing new I'm warning's pretty similar to everyone else's opinion).

  • This whole Salik thing seems like a ploy from the government to make more money off the residents of Dubai.
  • I have a feeling it's going to backfire, and will end up causing more harm than good. But of course, the government won't do anything about it.
  • The way I see it, Salik will just be taking the traffic away from one road, and putting it on another... I can just see it now: Jumeirah Beach Road and Emirates Road all clogged with bumper to bumper car.
  • Why don't they just implement Salik during rush hour? Why should I pay a toll charge when I am driving down Sheikh Zayed at 9PM on a weeknight...or at 11AM on a Friday morning? Sheikh Zayed is never busy at those times, so why take money from me?
  • What happens to people who live in Abu Dhabi for example, and who only go to Dubai once or twice a month? Do they have to buy a toll-tag as well?
  • Why do I have to pay twice: as I enter the toll zone, and as I exit it? And if I do 2 trips a day, does it mean that I have to pay 16 dhs a day?
  • If Dubai had a alternate means of transportation, I'd understand the whole toll thing to encourage people to use public transport. But right now, there's no metro, and the bus system is just crappy. And taxis will charge you toll rates anyway.
  • Are companies going to help employees now that there's an additional cost to living in Dubai?
I dunno...I'm just really skeptical about this whole toll thing. Has anyone bought their toll tags yet? Is there anyone out there (other than the RTA) who thinks that this is a good thing?


BuJ said...

***The way I see it, Salik will just be taking the traffic away from one road, and putting it on another... I can just see it now: Jumeirah Beach Road and Emirates Road all clogged with bumper to bumper car.***

well.. last time i was in town i remember both JBR and Emirates Road being bumper to bumper anyway!

khalas.. i'm staying put!

Eric said...

In this world "money matters" even for RTA. But Salik looks like plain "white collar robbery". Hope this greediness does not diminish the image of Dubai.

inmotion said...

now why would u of all people expect anything less than a half ass solution to a problem especially after your hole in the wall episode :)


Anonymous said...

i could not find the right words to express how this shit hole will smell.

Anonymous said...

As it is the Cost of Living is increasing everyday in Dubai, name it the Rent, Traffic ,Pay Parking etc it's killing us.

To add to it , Salik toll system is a new way the RTA has thought of looting the residents of Dubai,I hate this crap & it must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

i knw this sounds weird but how about we just dont travel on the 1st of july? all stay home! !- absurd i knw, but a nice way to show discontent, maybe|maybe not-our call anyway !

Anonymous said...

Dubai has got greedy.Let us write to all our friends telling them not to come to Dubai.Eacn visitor spends 3000 on hotels 3000 on air tickets and 4000 on other things LIKE shopping , disco , eating places , gold buying and sovienurs .SO for each guy we stop - we make them loose 10,000 .

THIS WILL teach them good lesson.PEOPLE also have power .IF WE STOP 1000 VISITORS INTO DUBAI they loose 10 million per DAY !!

stop salik or we stop tourism

had enough said...

I have a suggestion;
The fine for not having Salik tag is 100 for the 1st day, 200 for the 2nd day and 400 afterwards.

I think they should make the fine 800 for the 4th day, 1600 the 5th day, 3200 the 6th day, and so on, with a limit of 2,000,000 per fine.

After that a jail sentence of minimum 2 years (+ deportation).

bonk said...

If you work for DCCI then yes, your company will buy you a Salik tag according to news today. More information about Salik that answers some of your questions. It may be a mess at first, but it looks likely to stay. Toll roads are becoming more common around the world.

Anonymous said...

Its all about retaining expatriate earnings,it has nothing to do with decreasing traffic because it won't. If they really want to decrease the traffic first they should develop more and better infra structure and later may be apply a one way toll system, rather than paying both ways when going in and out of routes.Toll systems are usually applied only on major high ways not on every exit and entrance in Dubai city.Toll systems are usually applied in countries like Europe where most people are citizens and permanent residents with a whole benefit program when taxed. WHERE IS THE BENEFITS EXPATRIATES GET IN DUBAI WHEN THERE TAXED!!!!???

Anonymous said...

This out of greed municipal authorities are doing this.

When individuals violates the code of conduct authorities will punish him.

Similarly when the authorities go greedy like this all of us will have to receive the punishment from the ONE ABOVE. He is all merciful that is why He is tolerating these activities of charging salik on holidays and also in the night saying that this is for the welfare of the publik.

A sincere well wisher.

Anonymous said...

Out of fear only people are quite. The authorities are used with hearing taks glorifying only.

It will not be posible for them to bear such criticism. The discriminatory approach of the authorities are tolerated by the expats due to their weak position.

Thank you.