Friday, June 22, 2007


I was reading today's Gulf News, and came across the section where they ask people to give their opinion about a specific topic. Today's topic: Things to do this summer, and the statement was "Parents should allow their children 18 years or older to travel on budget holidays".

Two our of the four people interviewed said that "18 is too young for children to travel alone" and that "25 or above is a good age because then they are adults".

WHAT?? That's a bunch of crap if you ask me...and that's the reason why some young men and women are irresponsible and immature.

At 18, (well, at 17 actually), I was off to university. I lived on my own in a foreign country where I knew practically no one. Yes, it was difficult, but in hindsight, I am happy I got to live through such an experience. It made me stronger. It made me more confident. It made me responsible.

Before that,I lived in the UAE, where, like many children, I led a pampered life, with no chores, no worries...nothing to do.

In the span of a long flight across the world, I was transported to a city where I had my own apartment which I now had to clean myself. I had to make my own bed. I had to learn how to use an ATM machine. I had to buy my own groceries. I had to do my own laundry and my dishes. I had to call the utilities company to get my phone set up. All these were things I had taken for granted.

So, in response to those parents who won't let their kids travel before the age of 25, I ask: why not? Let them learn, let them experience things, let them build their personalities, let them be responsible, let them grow. Don't think that you're protecting your children by smothering them.


Crankyputz said...

At the age of 8, i was travelling to India for vacation for the summer...

tobasco said...

I totally agree with you and btw I had similair experiences as yourself, espc. with the ATM machine lol.

There's a moral here:
Too much love hurts

Chazoo said...

I led the pampered life but travelled a lot with my parents. Though, in my defence, I did go to a canoe camping summer camp in which we were 1 to 2 weekd canoing deep into ontario, setting up camp, cooking food over fire and navigating with maps and compasses. I bit rustic but not pampered at all (except for the camp fee!!!)

I guess, it all depends on your child and the key is to know them, and help them decide what is best for them and teir future.

Ahhhh, life!

Anonymous said...

Those who think that 25 and above is a good age because then ONLY they are ADULTS!, are total nuts. Seriously in which world such individuals live in. they have to wake up.

BuJ said...

You know, DXB Sunshine.. I blame the children who allow their parents to go online like this.