Friday, June 08, 2007

How are they supposed to live?

One law I never understood in this country is the one that bans bachelors (and bachelorettes) from sharing an apartment. So basically, if 3 friends want to be roomates, they can't, because of some stupid law.

I understand the government imposing measures to make sure that apartments are not overcrowded with 15 guys living in a 1-bedroom flat, but what's wrong with 3 people sharing a 3-bedroom apartment?

This law has affected many of my colleagues who share apartments with 2 or 3 friends. These guys and girls come here from countries all over the world in search of good job opportunities. They accept these jobs, but can't afford to live on their own, because starting salaries are quite measly, and rents are quite hefty. So they share. Because paying Dhs 110,000 a year for a 2-bedroom apartment is better than paying Dhs 70,000 for a 1-bedroom apartment. And after a year, they get eviction notices practically throwing them on the streets.

It's really stupid. I've never heard of any law of this sort in any country in the world. What's the point of this law here?


Chazoo said...

I'm full of questions...

So do you know if it is a law to prevent overcrowding or to ban homosexuality or make sure unmarried people are not living on there own?

What if a guy and a girl become roomates, can they get arround this law or do they have to pretend they're married?

LEt's say you pretend to be married and then make a third roomate come in, can you still get arround it that way?

LAst but not least: who check? Is it the building owners/managers? Do they actually ask for marriage certificates and stuff? And how do they proove, let's say if a guy and a girl room together, that they're not a couple?

Hmmm it is a weird law.

LadyBanana said...

My son shares a villa with 3 other guys.. So I presume you mean only opposite sex friends?

KJ said...

As far as I know this law is nonexistent. Landlords just try to avoid opposite sex roommates because it may disturb other families in the building. Same with some guys living in an apartment - they would throw too many parties and possible orgies and would offend other tenants. I am not saying this is the case always but it is plausible and landlords don't like to take the risk.

So it depends on the landlord.

Muqreez said...

Thats new for mee...maybe theres a lotta apartments are have to filled that the country will construct many more highest building :P..juz a joke

poor u

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Dubai Sunshine said...

I don't know if it's an official law, but it's happened a a lot of people I know. Recently, 3 guys I know were kicked out of their place and had to find another place to stay. And even more recently, 3 girls I know were also kicked out, and they now have to each find their own place to live.

And no, they're not the party-animal/music blasting all night type...

It just seems like this is randomly decided by landlords.... Again, where are regulations when we need them?

Anonymous said...

im a bachelor,i have been forced by the stupaid municpality inlast couple of months to change my accomodation to three different location. i never harmed any body then why they r keeping us all the time in tennision. where is the slogon-DUBAI THE CITY THAT CARES.

Censored!Mind said...

Rest Assured It's not only your country! ... But i thought that Dubai was more flexible since its welcoming so many foreigners! ... So being a single guy would i have a hard time getting a place in Dubai?! (since am moving soon)

Anonymous said...

My boyfiend and I are thinking of moving to dubai from South africa, will we be able to live together?

Anonymous said...

I think that is not possible. I am planing to work there in Dubai because my girlfriend is employed there but Sharia law, as they call it, won't allow us to live together unless we are married.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy , westerns just can't understand how to respect other cultures because they are so ignorrent, Dubai doesnt care about what you think of it, it has proven to the world that is a great city with rich culture and good people , just take your FILTH away somewhere else or keep it in your stupid western countries

dubai tickets said...

Yup its really hard to live together in dubai without marriage. because they follow religious rule they call it shakira law , and according to this women can not live with men without being married , and results could beyond your imagination.

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