Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Remember my hole in the wall?

I wrote about it back in March. At the time there was a constant leak. Well, the leak's gone, but guess what? The hole is still there! I've decided to take some pictures...Shame on you Emaar! What will it take for you to finally get someone to fix that hole? Another cockroach? A mouse? Or a rat maybe? I am sick and tired of that hole in the wall!


Anonymous said...


put the building, location name and forward this image and info to gulf news - lets name and shame it!

and make sure they all know EMAAR is responsible for this!

Nona said...

D.SunShine ... Just send Emaar and the building owner complain letter as the one you sent before about the advertisement in the radio... Remember !!

BuJ said...

shame.. i hope they fix it soon.

kavi said...


Guðrún said...

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regards Gudrun