Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm kind of impressed...

Update on the hole in the wall: it's gone!

No, it's not because someone from Emaar read my blog and decided to do something about it (I wish!)

I decided to call Emaar yesterday and file a complaint (again...I had already filed a couple of complaints 3 months ago when the whole hole in the wall saga had begun).

So I asked them how long it would take for them to actually do something about this, they said within 48 hours. I really thought that the 48 hours meant that they'd send someone to look at the hole within 48 hours...I didn't really think they would fix it so quickly! But they did!

Finally! That really made my day...doesn't take much to make my day does it? :)


KJ said...

And I still have a broken toilet seat cover :(

Seabee said...

WOW! Someone did what they said they'd do - amazing.

BuJ said...

Good thingies come to those who wait!