Monday, March 26, 2007

A hole in the wall

There's been a hole in the wall on my floor (in my building) for about 3 weeks now. It started off as a leak in the corridor. It leaked for about 2 weeks, until finally someone decided to look into it.

Some contractors came, looked into the leak, tried to fix it for about 2 weeks, and then closed the hole.

And then it leaked again. Even more than before. I've slipped once already, and almost slipped another time, because it seems that the concept of putting a bucket under the leak is too foreign for the people who are running my building. So they put a hole in the wall again. A bigger one. It's kinda scary when you know that these hole-making people are Emaar!

What's even scarier was the cockroach I found last week, taking a stroll in the corridor. He greeted me one morning as I was leaving for work. I guess he was feeling adventurous and decided to come out of the hole in the wall and see what's out there. I think he must have been the King of Cockroaches or something like that, because he was really fat, and long, and very scary looking.

I came back from work that evening, and he wasn't there anymore. Someone had gotten rid of him. Or so I thought...

...Turns out His Royal Cockroachness decided to pay me a visit in my apartement. Out of the 20 apartments on my floor, I guess he decided that my apartment was the cosiest, warmest, and most welcoming. Imagine my surprise when I saw him strolling on my living room floor. I panicked. And I sprayed him with everything and anything I could find, from Pledge to Windex (I didn't have any insect spray) until he died (or drowned).

This morning again, I called Emaar to complain (for the 3rd time), and again they took note of my complaint and promised that someone would look into it within 48 hours.

I'm looking forward to the day my wall becomes hole-less...and to the day my life becomes cockroach-less.


Chazoo said...

Cockroaches are discusting. The biggest one I have ever seen was in the corridor of our res. in NewYork during the MBA NAFTA thing... it must have been 5cm long by 2cm wide. We trapped it under a glass while waiting for the manager but he (the cockroach)made the glass fall over and he kept strolling arround! We had to hold the glass down to prevent escape! To top it off, the gastly thing had wings - discusting!

Hopefully they will close the whole in the wall so that the bibittes can stay within them...

good luck! Oh, an beware of the puddle, it makes the floors slippery! :)

nzm said...

Best thing to kill cockroaches: oven cleaner which contains ammonia.

Never fails!

KJ said...

Baking Soda does wonders to roaches btw. They love to eat it, but since they can't burp, they just fill up with air and explode internally (don't worry they won't literally explode)

Dubai Sunshine said...

Wow...I'm impressed at how well-versed you all are when it comes to how to kill a cockroach!

Crankyputz said...

Get some Piff Paff, Coackroaches are just a part of Dubai, no one tells you about on the discovery channel.

BuJ said...
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