Sunday, May 06, 2007


It seems Dubai is taking this whole radar thing very seriously. It used to be that once you hit Saih al Shaib on the way from Abu Dhabi (which is actually the beginning of Dubai), you only had 2 radars until your hit Jebel Ali.

A few months ago, they started placing a mobile radar somewhere along the way. It caught me once, even though I knew it was somewhere there...stupid me...

A few weeks ago, a bunch of radars were added...and by a bunch, I mean a LOT. There are radars every few meters now, so there's really no way to exceed the 120 km/h speed limit.

A lot of people still don't know about these radars though, because on a recent trip back from Abu Dhabi, I saw 3 radars flashing in a span of 5 minutes...and no, it wasn't me!


BuJ said...

although gun culture doesn't really exist here, but the best radar i saw was that near my old skool, which had been shot (if you'll excuse the irony) muhahaha

a dead radar is a good radar

btw, i believe the SZR Radars after the 4th interchange till AD town are set to 140 kmh not 120 kmh

KJ said...

Terrible things those radars are! I hate the mobile ones, they freak me out! I already have 1300 dhs in fines in three months.

nzm said...

Our best entertainment was following any vehicle with AD plates down Jumeirah Beach Road and watching them get flashed by (at least) 3 speed cameras before they would get the message that they were exceeding the 70kph speed limit!

BuJ said...

NZM u are evil,
i'm yet to see such a stupid scene but i'm sure they are out there :)

en masse

oh.. the other day i was in AD and i was going thru a one-way street, and was greeted with a wealthy dish-dash-bmw-driver who was CONVINCED that i'm going in the wrong way.. even though half a dozen arrows showed his car going the wrong way.. he was smiling to me though.. i'd hate to imagine the same situation if i were an indian taxi driver instead.

still to cut a long story short i just gave him way and let him enjoy the rest of his journey in that one-way street the wrong way round!!!

Anonymous said...

radars are getting on my nerves nowadays and that is why i revently got myself a RADAR DECTECTOR !!! Valentine one .. works like a charm and is most helpful in Sh. Shk Zayed