Saturday, July 15, 2006


I am usually quick to point out any horrendous customer service experiences I go through...But this time, for a change, I am full of praise.

I went to renew my car registration the other day, and I don't think I've ever gone through a government organization so quickly! I dropped my car for the mechanical check, then went into the waiting area where I waited for my number to come up (they had given me a tag with the number when I entered the Tasjeel area). I waited for about 10 minutes, at which point the man behind the counter gave me back my keys and the results of the mechanical check. He also gave me another number to get my new registration card.

I go to the registration card area and wait for a minute before my number comes up. Another man behind the counter checked if I had any fines, etc, then told me to go to the insurance counter, where my name was called and I got the new card.

The whole process took less than 20 minutes! A far cry from the time I went last year to register my car. It so happened that the Tasjeel computer system had not been working for a couple of days, so the day I was there, it was packed....And it was a mess! I had to wait so long, and one of the guys behind the counter practically screamed at me when he found out I did not have cash to pay the registration fees (how was I supposed to know they did not accept cards!). So, understandbly, this time around, I was a little adamant about how tedious the whole process would be....but it wasn't!

So...way to go if only banks could take a pointer or two from them about efficiency!


nzm said...


Nice to hear some positive news re customer service!

We had a good experience today too. Went to Carrefour at MOE to buy a microwave. Pleasant man to serve us AND the oven that we wanted was in stock - it's now gracing our kitchen!

nour said...

very organized indeed...

Anonymous said...

I am in dilema, where are the Tasjeel locations in Dubai? This is the first time i am registering my car alone! :-( I am scared because i have had a bad experiences with costumer service in Dubai. I got to finish everything quick becuase i work every day and have to be back in the office as soon as possible.