Monday, July 03, 2006

Now what?

Here's an update to my TV service situation: I ended up calling DIC to ask about switching from Orbit to Showtime around the middle of May. The customer service rep said: submit a change of service form at the end of the month, so that we begin with the Showtime service at the beginning of June. She told me I could find the form on the Internet and all I needed to do was fax it. OK...fine...great...thank you.

So, being the organised person that I sometimes am, I put a reminder in my Outlook to send this form at the end of the month. I faxed the form by the 28th of May. I made sure the fax was sent properly. I even got this confirmation sheet that shows an "OK" meaning the fax went through. And I forgot about it....

Really, I's just been so damn hectic this past month, I really forgot about it. Plus I haven't been watching much TV at home, what with the World Cup and everything.

But did I get any call from DIC confirming the receipt of my fax? No...Did my TV package get switched from Orbit to Showtime? No....Did I get an Internet or a TV bill?


I think I'm going to call DIC and tell them about the change of service form I sent. If they deny receiving it, I'll fax them the form I had filled out with the confirmation. And if they tell me I have to wait another year before I'm able to switch again, I think DIC will regret ever having accepted to have me as a customer!

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