Friday, July 07, 2006

Ranting and rambling

I finally got 8 hours of sleep last night, after a late night out celebrating my baby bro's birthday (not really a baby anymore but still my baby bro)....I've been getting an average of 6-7 hours a night for a couple of weeks now, which is not enough for me. I've noticed that I only feel well-rested when I get 8 hours of sleep...That's when I actually manage to get up on my own, without the help of an alarm clock. This World Cup is wreaking havoc on my sleep patterns! Plus last weekend was a write-off what with a full-day meeting on I was in desperate need of a weekend of rest.

Despite a good night's sleep I am still felling tired. I went to the beach this morning, with the hope of relaxing and getting a tan. There was no sun. And I got pissed off after the guy at the beach made me pay Dhs 150 to get in. I was only staying for 2 hours and I usually only pay Dhs 75 (or use an entry voucher which I forgot to bring with me...I remembered as I was on my way to the beach, which ticked me off, but was too lazy to go back home to get it). I've been going to this same beach for around 15 years now, so I can't stand it when I get treated like I haven't been a loyal customer.

And to add insult to injury, I noticed yet another scratch on my car. And again it looks like an intentional scratch (i.e. someone dragging their key on the car). This one is bigger than the last one (about 10 cm long) but a bit less visible because it's on the side of the car.

I came back home after the beach, had lunch, then slept again...I was feeling so tired! I woke up feeling a bit more rested, but restless. I got a call from my client, and didn't pick up. What is it with clients calling on a weekend? And on a Friday! What on earth could be so urgent that it can't wait a day? And even if she did speak to me, what would I be able to accomplish on a Friday? I mean, it's not like I'm saving lives here! If she remembered something that she needed to tell me, then why not just send me an e-mail?

Anyway....all this means that I am not in the best of moods today...I am hoping that the Nadal/Baghdatis tennis match which is starting in a couple of minutes will help lift my mood up. Should be an interesting one. I hope it's more interesting than the Federer/Bjorkman one that just ended...what a boring game!


nzm said...

Hi - it's me - the little ray of sunshine - along to give you a pithy cheer-up pep talk which will make you throw your laptop across the room!

Nah, seriously - these days are to remind us to appreciate the days that go well.

'nuff said!

GO read my latest post again! lol.

Sissy said...

Ma3leh hayate u had a bad day, ca arrive... I just had a very very bad week, so ur lucky :)
Et je savais pas que ton petit frere etait cancer ! Habibi, I love him even more now ! Happy birthday Mon ;)

Desert Lady said...

The beach???
in July???

You must be mad!!!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Sissy....I'll be supporting Italy tomorrow :) Mais bon, the only reason I'll be happy for the French is because of Zizou.

Desert Lady, I go to the beach year round (except when it is cloudy and rainy obviously). But I can only take a couple of hours in the summer....and either in the morning or after 3PM.

NZM, I did take your advice and I checked out your post again :) Thanks!

Mar said...

Happy Birthday to your baby brother.

Yakkser 'eedayon hole the car-scratchers.I feel with you. That's so sick!
We need to install a camera somewhere in ur car to catch them weirdos