Wednesday, July 19, 2006


More that 300 deaths in Lebanon....

13 Israeli civilians killed....

The numbers may be disproportionate, but all of these deaths are sickening....They did not have to happen...What's the point? Why? What did these people do to deserve this?

Stop the carnage...please...


chazoo said...

I sincerely believe there are idiots on all sides of this conflict. Feelings of unfairness should be directed toward the moms who lost kids, or kids who lost parents - NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE.

I'm not Jewish or Muslim (or Israeli, or Lebanese or, or)and cannot pretend to be a good Catholic for that matter. I'm for Humanity. I'm for Peace and cooperation. I guess i'm naive.

That brings me to whish someone could shake some sense into Israel and hope this thing does not escalate into a full blown war (and by that I mean the implication of a whole bunch of other countries...)

sissy said...

Haram, 3an jadd.
Je ne regarde meme plus les infos.
Allah ma3kon.

surprised sheep said...

Do Police officers in Dubai accept “Bribes” ?

Apparently, YES!

So this friend of ours was in a taxi being driven down to Sharjah, the cab guy skips a light at the Galadhari cross roads and changes three lanes in a go. The cab got pulled over and the Cops came over and wanted to arrest this guy. Not the Driver, but the passenger,(Brown passenger).

The cops asked him if he was drinking, (remember he was not in Sharjah yet, still a few hundred meters away from the border),

The guy freaked out so he offers a bribe, AED 1,800 that he happened to have in his pocket. And guess what, the Uniformed Dubai Police Officer accepts it and lets him go.
Now we understand that corruption is endemic in this region, however is it acceptable to fleece the underprivileged? Oh allk right this over paid brown guy we are taling about is not part of the ,”underprivileged”, but WTF? Well Dubai is progressing and ……

Dubai = a wanna be First world country?

Dubai = stereotypical Arab nation with nothing new to offer.


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