Tuesday, July 04, 2006

You can make a difference - Tip 5

Here's this month's You can make a difference tip.

Loving coral reef to death

Corals are not rocks or plants but tiny minuscule animals responsible for building the most spectacular biological structures on earth: the coral reefs. Zillions of colorful and diverse marine creatures depend on these underwater gardens for food, shelter and protection.

Corals are so delicate; the slightest touch of a hand, fin or bump of a tank can kill them. They take millenniums to grow (5mm to 2 cm per year) and only seconds to destroy!


Coral is so similar to human bone that it is used in bone grafting operations.

The Great Barrier Reef is 2,000 kilometers long and 80 kilometers high!!

A compound extracted from coral is being used to treat cancer.

Corals protect the shores from storms and hurricanes: when the tsunami hit the coast of Sri Lanka, it devastated areas where corals have been (illegally) mined to a much greater extent than nearby areas where corals were intact.

So this summer, if you are diving or snorkeling, keep your hands on your butt - or someone else’s - just keep them off the corals!!

There you go! Don't touch coral reef! No matter how nice it looks!

Oh...and on a side note....GOOOO ITAAALIAAAA!

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Mar said...

Go ITALIA and Coral reef heh