Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is this guy for real?

I found this article in 7Days today:

A man exposed himself to an eight-year-old girl by accident when his trousers fell down, he claims. The 36-year-old Indian man was cleaning in a building in the Refa area when he allegedly exposed himself to the girl, who was also Indian. He asked her to touch him, but she refused, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard. The man denied the charges yesterday, telling the court: “I was wearing old pants and the belt was also weak - it came off while I was working and my pants just fell down.” The trial was adjourned until next month so the accused can be given a lawyer.

His trousers fell down? All by themselves? And did his lips move by themselves as well when he asked her to touch him? What a friggin idiot!

I hope they throw him in jail and let him rot there. I can't even begin to imagine how traumatising the experience must have been for the little girl.

Speaking of which, here's what happened to me a couple of months ago: as I was walking out of work with a colleague, I saw what I thought was a guy standing on the sidewalk, touching himself. I told my colleague but by the time she turned to look at him, he had stopped doing whatever he was doing.

The very next day, that same colleague was leaving work, and called me to tell me she thought she saw the same guy touching himself again. She asked me to check if he was still there when I left work, but he wasn't. If I ever see him again, I'm calling the cops on him!

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Anonymous said...

Well, dear Dubai Sunshine
This is ain't a weird thing to happen, "especially" in dubai. alot more more stories that make you sick does exist. in my opinion I don't think that this indian man is the only ot be blammed, sick, psycho people are present all over the world, so its the responsibility of the one's who get these ppl into their countries, more regulations should be applied, especially to those asian nationalities. do you know how many cases are announced to be AIDS positive?, ok, better not to say, bcz its a shame.
So, I hope sucj kind of ppl not only be in jail, but to be KICKED back home.