Monday, January 22, 2007

Dubai City...Sim City

I was chatting with a friend a couple of days ago, and the conversation inevitably turned into a discussion about Dubai and how quickly it's grown and how busy it's become.

He came up with an interesting analogy for Dubai. He said "Dubai is like a Sim City game,. They see that there's too much traffic in a certain area, and "pouf!", just like magic, a new flyover comes up. Another day it's: oh, there's an empty plot of land right there, and again, just like magic, a new tower comes up".

It's so true! It really is like a Sim City game!

Oh, and I love Sim City...but I'm not so sure I love Dubai as much, although it's growing on me, slowly but surely...


BuJ said...

a very apt analogy!

nice, short and sweet :)

Anonymous said...

hey there, one major differences between dubai and sim city

you can turn off the game when you have had enough, still looking for such a button here

enjoy the blog

reader said...

Sometimes, I wonder, if Dubai is gonna hold under all these buildings, lol

Anonymous said...

And if u look at the google pics of dxb, the high rise buildings do seem like the buildings in SimCity!!

Anonymous said...

very cute analogy!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

been over twice on holiday's and stayed with some locals. Love to visit the place and the people, but, don't think I could live there with the lack of traffic flow logistics (although taxi cabs arent expensive). Will be back again in 2008 for a wedding.

Nicholas Brody said...

Musandam Dibba is the key part of dubai trip.