Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm still here...

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth like my sister tends to do once in a while. I'm still dealing with computer troubles. My work laptop, which I use from home, has not been fixed yet. My home laptop is a piece of sh*t. It's in serious need of some reformatting (or throwing out the window if you ask me!). This means that the only time I could potentially blog is from work...and who has the time to do that! (plus, I'd rather avoid blogging from work...playing Pacman at work is OK, but blogging is crossing the line in my opinion....ha!)

Anyway, back to New Year's eve....this year, we decided we were sick and tired of spending new year's surrounded by sand (either in the desert, or camping on an island somewhere), and that we wanted to get dolled up for a change. And given the lack of interesting venues in Abu Dhabi, we decided to organize a house party at M & S's place. We had four days to prepare...and there was LOTS to prepare! It makes your realise how time-consuming and tedious it is to organize any sort of, RESPECT to all you function-organizing people out there!

The party was a success, all our fears of no one showing up were gone when more than 30 people came...we stayed up late, drank, ate, danced, and had a blast.

After that, it was back at work...waaaay too soon if you ask me...But no worries, I have another vacation to look forward to, very travelling....just getting rid of all those 2006 vacation leftover days...YAY!


BuJ said...

welcome to the club, the club of computer troubles!
lol, mine allows me 5 min of time b4 shutting down from over-heating, and it's only January!

Anonymous said...

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