Saturday, December 02, 2006

Speeders...they're killing us.

Have any of you seen the road safety campaign that's been airing on TV lately? I've only seen one spot on One Tv, not sure if there's more than one. It's the one where a teenager standing on the side of a road talks about a head-on collision involving his parents....then we see two cars coming from opposite ends of the road crashing violently. The final message is: "Speeders...they're killing us. Think!"

While I commend TV stations for finally airing something about road safety, I feel that this is simply not relevant to the UAE. For one, this is a UK-based campaign I believe (although the accents sound like they're from Australia or New Zealand). The actors look foreign, the road (a 2-way winding road with lush greenery on either side) is simply not the kind of road we see here in the UAE, and they are driving on the left-hand side of the road, rather than the right, like we do here.

And although I do not watch a lot of Arabic TV stations, I doubt that this campaign would be successful if it were dubbed.

I'd rather see something that's produced locally, using our roads, our people, our language. Now THAT, I believe, would be a much more successful and impactful campaign, don't you think?


moryarti said...

I agree ... adding more local elements make a more impact-full (no pun intended) message. However, i think the spots that are currently running are generic public service ads that OneTV bought the rights to air.

Seabee said...

I haven't seen them anywhere, but from your description they're about as good as doing nothing. If people can't believe ads they won't work.

Use the creative by all means, but they need to be re-shot here with people who look and sound as though they live here and showing our roads.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Nowadays, effective ad campaigans have to appeal to audience emotion - the viewer needs to be touched to remember the ad in the first place. Only then will the audience react to it and apply the message to their lives. Clearly it should be relatable material - UAE streets, a mix of some of the nationalities here, maybe even dramatization of real-events (with permission of the parties involved in said accident - kind of like not allowing someone's death or injury to have been in vain.) Contribute to the community. Make a difference. Pass the torch etc. Above all, ads have to RELATE to what is important to a person/culture in order to truly be effective. This will help build a sense of community among the audience.

fadibou said...

I think more mobile Radars will reduce this mess if not cause more caution.

Arabian Butterfly said...

The important thing about such ads is the OUTCOME, IMPACT, RESULT, or FEEDBACK. In my experience, the ad u spoke about really affected me and that is the aim

Dubai Sunshine said...

Arabian Butterfly, I am not saying the ad is not impactful, because it is. Seeing a head on collision and a kid talking about his mother dying in the car accident is bound to stir some sort of emotion in you.

My point is, however, that had this ad been localised, its impact would have been greater, and it might even be more relevant and more memorable for viewers.

Restless in Dubai said...

I agree that they should shoot their own Ads, and I think OneTv are actully good at that. But as for a start, I think it is a good move. I liked the one which explains the impact of a crach at specific speeds. Creative.

redstar said...

I agreee they should do devise something local, but at least something is being done!

The ads seem to have the 'Think!' brand, which originates from the UK. The cars are all driving on the left too and the sreets look British.

The ideal thing would be a campaign with the theme that noone is above the law, but I can't see that happening.