Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas ornament

This year again, we decided to decorate our tree in red only, with white lights. I love it! It looks so nice and simple and classy....

Here's a picture of one of our Christmas ornaments. I love macro photography.

Merry Christmas once again... I hope Santa was generous this year (he was with me!) and that you enjoy the day with all your loved ones.


nzm said...


Hope that you're having a wonderful day.

I'm about to post pics of the Berlin Christmas decorations.

Then we leave for the train station where there is an enormous Swarovski Christmas tree which I hope to get a pic of, and I'll post that later.

Enjoy the day, and your holiday!

sky said...

You fail to mention that the nice, simple and classy tree that you love was decorated solely by MOI!


I'm great aren't I...

neurotic_wife said...

Merry Xmas DXB!!!Hope youre having a great time...So did you get everything you wished for from santa? ;-)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Merry Christmas! Have you seen the fab christmas decos at "The ONE"?

Amazing stuff! I have decorated my Eid Olive tree with them, looked fab!

Anonymous said...

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moryarti said...

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