Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Not good...

Hmm...been feeling sick the past couple of days. I left work early yesterday, couldn't sleep all night, went to work this morning despite feeling like I had just gotten hit by a bus, and now, I am sitting on my couch, with a sweater, and a thick blanket, and yet I'm still freezing cold (oh, and the A/C is off, and the window is closed).

I thought I had a fever, but the thermometer says my temperature is normal. But I am definitely not feeling right.

I think I just need a good rest, but tomorrow is my last day at work before the holidays...So I am kind of forced to go to work to hand-over all my projects. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

The last thing I want is to spend my first few days off sick in bed! Plus, I have a ton of shopping to do. Ever the procrastinator, I have not bought a single Christmas present yet! I was counting on this weekend to get all my shopping done! Ugh...the thought of scouring the busy malls for endless hours trying to find the perfect gift makes me sick to my stomach, but I gotta do it! I admire people who are disciplined enough to get some of their Christmas shopping done a couple of months before, or even in the summer! Plus, I can't hold on to a gift for a couple of months. If I buy someone a gift, I have to give it to them immediately!

Change of topic: I noticed that beta blogger is now no longer beta. I don't know why, I am still reluctant to switch over to the new blogger. To all those who have already switched, what's your feedback so far? Are you happy with the change? Do you recommend it? Has it made blogging easier?


chazoo said...

Hey T - I hope you'll feel better soon.

As for Christmas shopping, it's definitly NOT my best year! Although I make a list of people I give to with budgets, I can't seem to find anything really. I even have some good ideas but when its time to execute, argh! Anyway, I hope you have a good inspired Xmas shopping year!

MErry Christmas, and happy New Year to you and your Familia.

C xox

nzm said...

Something REALLY annoying that I've noticed now that the new Blogger is out of beta, is that it recognises that I'm in Germany, and whenever I click on to the Comments box or onto a profile, all the headings and instructions are in German!

Do they change to Arabic in Dubai?

If so, I'm screwed! lol.

I hope that you feel better soon, and Merry Christmas to you!

Sorry that we didn't catch up when we were in Dubai, but we're back in January to get another try!

nzm said...

BTW - that language thing only happens when I'm viewing blogs that are already on the Blogger Beta, or NEW Blogger as it is now.

All the other blogs on the old version still show everything in English.

Anonymous said...

The new version is really good. More features and super fast. I noticed that those who haven't switched, their blog takes ages to load, quite annoying. Switch!

moryarti said...

Salamat .. hope ur feeling better.

I wanted to switch too ... I'll just wait a bit longer till they clear out ALL bugs (if any)