Saturday, October 28, 2006

You can make a difference - Tip 7

A quick update on the last You can make a difference tip before we tackle this month's issue:

Cleaning up the oil slick on the Lebanese coast could only start after Israel began lifting its sea and air blockade (September 8). To date, less than 3500 of the estimated 110,000 barrels of oil that flowed from the Jiyeh power station's storage tanks have been recovered. The delay has caused much of the oil to settle on the ocean bed.

And now for this month's tip, courtesty of my friend S. : if we don't buy, they won't die!

When on holiday, you may come across tempting wildlife souvenirs that you have just got to keep off your shopping list!! Some are illegal to bring back, but more importantly, buying them contributes to the specie’s extinction and brutal killing.

One such item is ivory, the substance that makes up elephant tusks. Although CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) has banned ivory trade, elephant poaching is still rampant in both Africa and Asia to supply the huge demand for ivory products. Ivory is often carved into jewelry, chopsticks, hair slides, and ornaments.

Because ivory is sold so openly in some countries, you may not realize it is illegal to buy it.


A tusk is a living tooth; its extraction from a live elephant without putting it down is a very difficult procedure that requires medical expertise.

Before the CITES ban in 1989, poachers, in Africa alone, were slaughtering some 100,000 elephants a year.

The tagua nut, a type of hard nut, is gaining popularity as a replacement for ivory.

By killing only tusked elephants, poachers are allowing more tuskless elephants to mate. “Tusklessness”, once a very rare genetic abnormality, has become a widespread hereditary trait.

There used to be elephants in…Syria!


from afar said...

Thank you for your "You can Make a Difference" series.
Seldom is wrong so clear to see as it is in this series.

I commented to one of your earlier posts.
No, I am not a nun. : ) And I realize you’re not a Muslim. We are whatever we are.
God made us all different so that we might learn from one another. : )
I am just another citizen of the world, like you, sometimes enjoying to share my opinion too much. : )
BTW, as a muslim (small letter intended, to mean anyone throughout time and place who, regardless of what he/she was called, believed in a creator), I also thank you for your posting about commercialization of Ramadan
I appreciate to hear from you what’s going on in your part of the world! You have a newcomer’s way of seeing—and that’s so helpful. Every culture needs to listen to its newcomers! : )
I have only read a few of your postings, but it seems you genuinely mean well. Something we have in common (please don’t let my “nunny” perspectives make you think otherwise). : ) And . . . like Elephant and Rhino, besides tusks, there is the commonality of possible extinction.
We all need to care for one another.
Best regards.
--my signature: let’s first jump to the conclusion that we have most things of importance in common.

Mapiurka said...

Very good post, i always say: all of us must be responsible of ours acts and what we buy.

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