Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blogger questions

I need your help please :)

How do I know to which post someone posted a comment, if it's a comment that doesn't refer to the subject of the post? When I get the comments on my e-mail, it doesn't tell me which post came on?

And what's the difference between regular blogger and beta blogger?


nzm said...

DS: I can help with the first question.

When you receive the email notification from Blogger, down the bottom of the email it will always have a line that says:
Posted by (Name of poster) to (Name of Blog) at (Date and Time).

If you click on the Name of the Blog, in this case, it's Dubai Sunshine, it will take you directly to the post where the comment has been made.

As for the differences between regular and beta, read all about it here. I haven't switched because I haven't read enough to convince me to switch. Plus, one of the things that I did read was that once you switch to Beta, you can't switch back to the Regular, so this has dissuaded me from switching.

nzm said...

If what I've written concerning the email link doesn't work, it may be because of the following.

I've just noticed that you don't have a Permanent Post Link at the bottom of each of your posts. (See at the bottom of each post on our blog to see what I mean.) This is a feature in Blogger where each post receives its own unique URL, and clicking on the words Permanent Post Link will take you to that unique page.

To activate it, log into Blogger and into your DS blog. Click on the Settings tab, and then click onto the Archiving link. Set Enable Post Pages? to Yes and this will then give each post a unique and visible URL to reference to.

But if the above advice works without it, don't bother!


Dubai Sunshine said...

Thanks NZM! What would I do without you :)

It did end up working....but because I get my e-mails on a webmail account (rather than on a hotmail or yahoo or gmail account), it doesn't show me the links for some reason.

Anyway, I figured it out. Thanks for the help!

nzm said...

Happy to help!

Can you configure your webmail options so that you can receive your emails in HTML? That might then show the links.

secretdubai said...

The best new feature that I can see in Blogger Beta is tags. However, Blogger Beta has two ways of creating a blog template, a special new "layouts" thing, and the regular hand-coded templates that we all use now.

I don't want to use the layouts thing, because I like the absolute control that my existing template gives me. But the tags so far only work with the new layouts. Therefore I can't see any reason to switch.

There are (or were) also issues with people with Blogger Beta accounts having problems signing up for membership of (Old) Blogger communities. Either way, we won't switch UAE community over until all the bugs are ironed out, and there is minimal disruption for members.