Saturday, October 21, 2006

On a break....

The day after I posted my previous post about when Eid is happening, my company management announced that we would be getting Sunday/Monday off, regardless of when Eid is, and we'll also get Tuesday off if Eid is on Monday. So here's to hoping Eid is on Monday :)

...which, apparently, it should be according to this article.


ArabLady said...

its gonnna be on mon i guess...anyways...Happy Eid in advance

nzm said...

Lucky you!

Enjoy the break and Eid Muburak!

BTW - we have dates for our return and I'll let you know soon!

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Hey lucky you! It's Sunday and I am at work and you are not. No fair! Actually as I am the boss I suppose I could have called today as a holiday but I didn't!

Eid mubarak!