Monday, October 23, 2006

Pink - U & Ur Hand

One of my favourite songs currently....and a great video too!


from afar said...

Thanks for posting your favorite music video just above "Eid Mubarak". It reminds me that for an American Muslim, leaving the USA to live with practicing Muslims, could be disappointing.
I have been sometimes idealizing the thought that in your part of the world there would be a Muslim community—and I'm sure there are many. It is just not reflected, necessarily, in one’s choices (which is the ideal). I will not despair. We are all in different stages, after all. . . and we must hope the best for one another. Maybe I will stay in the USA and try to be part of the community here that is not so easily impressed with popular culture. It’s a relief to have little taste for it. Like when one is fastingdo you notice how you tend to crave better food, better of everything that is good for you? That extends to what you listen to and read and so on. At least, that’s what can happen.
Eid Mubarrak.

Dubai Sunshine said...

In my opinion, one can be a good muslim and still enjoy popular culture.

I am not muslim and have not read the Koran, but correct me if I am wrong: I doubt there's anything in the Holy Koran that says that one can't enjoy popular music.

sky said...

Why is it that every other post is garnering religious momentum on several blogs these days? (when clearly they have nothing to do with religion...)


nzm said...

Maybe the latest blog trolls are a pack of nuns sitting in their convent, on their laptops, terrorising the blogosphere.

Sister Florentine: OK, Sister Mary, you incite Secret Dubai while I have a go at Dubai Sunshine.


from afar said...

Sorry for my “nunniness”.
Sorry it came across that way.
I thought I was posting to a muslim.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have written that perspective.
I didn’t mean to impose.
Opps :)
BTW, I follow the popular culture (I am a life-long artist/musician); I was simply critiquing it (as we all do). :)