Monday, June 05, 2006

No more maintenance

I renewed my lease the other day. Couldn't do anything about the 15% increase in rent. And there's no point in me looking for something else, because anything else in the vicinity of where I am living is more expensive than what I will be paying for rent this year.

But what upset me was this new clause that the landlord added to my contract: apparently, I am now responsible for all repairs and maintenance in my apartment.

Last year, I could call Emerill, who do maintenance for all Emaar properties, and they would come and fix anything in my place. Now, it seems, the landlord wants to be a stingy bastard, and decided that he did not want to pay the maintenance fee anymore.

Is he allowed to do this? And again, this may seem like a redundant question, but is there no law protecting me, as a tenant? If the fridge stops functioning for example, why should I fix it? It's not my fridge!

In Canada, all repairs and renovations are paid for by the landlors, unless, of course, it's due to damage caused by the tenant. Makes sense, doesn't it?
According to Better Homes, who are the leasing agency, the landlord is trying to do whatever he can to get rid of his tenants so he can re-rent the place at a higher price to a new tenant. This sort of thing is happening everywhere! It's simply ridiculous!

When will Dubai learn that a 15% rent cap is simply not enough? When people stop coming to live here? When there are more people leaving the city than there are coming in? When buildings slowly start emptying out, one after the other? Why doesn't anything make sense in this city?


Ccee said...

Let's see if this comment gona make it this time to ur blog.
Thanks for this info.. I've never thought that ppl in Dubai could be facing such problems.. obviously I was wrong..
I still can't imagine it can get so expensive that the ppl would be moving elsewhere..

chazoo said...

You know what - life is darn expensive (especially the way I like it...). Moreover, the more I earn, the more expensive life gets. Darn! How I wish that wasn't true.

moryarti said...

You're damn right the landlord is pushing you to leave the place...

This 15% cap is one of the worst ideas ever.

In Sharjah, landords can't increase rent but after 3 years of the contract date... and once rent is increased, then its a new contract, i.e. another 3 years to follow before the second increment.

No wonder 1/2 of the people who work in Dubai, live in sharjah.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Hmm..Maybe I should move to Sharjah then? are so right when you say the more we earn, the more life gets expensive! Shouldn't it be the other way 'round?

Ccee, It's the first time you've commented I believe? Welcome!

Seabee said...

They have to scrap the meaningless 15% nonsense and start again. Will they though...

Mar said...

The system is where the maintenance is needed. Untill that is resolved, if ever will, the humming of that fridge will be playing in the background, and I hope it does, cuz that would be a good sign :)

BuJ said...

not fair and lacks insight!


Taylor91 said...

Has anyone tried to start a tenant's union for Dubai?

Your story is just one of hundreds... I live in a Fardan building, and they take an eternity to fix anything. I had water damage from a line break and it took THREE MONTHS for them to repair the damage. Right now our satellite TV has been down for a month because they won't fix the building's line from the dishes.

Fardan also is renewing leases only with the condition that the tenant will vacate at the end of the year. This is so he can then rent to commercial tenants, who will pay 50K more for the same space.

Let's start an online tenants union and talk about what kind of collective action is possible.