Thursday, June 15, 2006


It takes a lot to shock me and to get me upset. But a few days ago, I got shocked and upset at something seemingly silly.

We were sitting at our company cafeteria having lunch, when a client came out of a meeting and decided to take a break in the cafeteria. And he lit a cigar. A CIGAR! In a cafeteria!

Now that's taking it a bit too far don't you think? If you want to smoke your stinky cigar, do it outside, or do it in a cigar lounge, or do it in your own house, but don't smoke it in the middle of a cafeteria at lunchtime! Do you really desperately need to smoke that cigar right then and there?

I don't care who you are or how important you are, but that's just plain disrespectful if you ask me!


nzm said...

Yechh - bad form.

To be honest, I'd rather smell a cigar than a cigarette - but preferably neither when I'm eating!

Mar said...

And if you ask me.

moryarti said...

pretty darn annoying. Some clients think, just because they have the "budget", they can get away with anything - including being pure-play asses

chazoo said...

It is unacceptable.
To me, it is plain old impolitness.

BuJ said...

to be honest, smoking is smoking. and where there is eating then smoking should be banned.

however i have to say that a cigar is much easier on the nose than a fag.. i hate the stench and stink of a cigarette..

ban smoking now!