Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Dear Laptop,

We met almost 4 years ago. During that first year, you were my constant companion, day after day. Carrying you around was a hassle at were so heavy! But then I got used to it.

During my university days, you used to keep me entertained during all those dreadful, boring classes. Oh how I enjoyed those moments, chatting with my classmates, exchanging jokes, making fun of professors... And then, we discovered the online version of Risk. Oh joy! Endless hours of fun.

You were my DVD player and my MP3 player...a source of entertainment anytime, anywhere.

But it wasn't all just fun and games. We did end up doing lots of work as well: long nights and numerous assignments, papers, reports, Excel sheets, Powerpoint presentations... I could never have done it without you!

During long flights and endless waits in airports, you kept me company. You've travelled the world with me (well...not the world...a few countries).

Then, you started getting old. You'd just shut off, unexpectedly...You were tired and didn't want to work anymore. At first, I disregarded your problems. But then, when shutting off became a recurring problem, I took you to the doctor. He was able to fix you but you were never quite the same again. Your battery died, and I had to constantly keep you on life support.

And lately, it's all gone downhill. You started shutting off randomly again. I'd get frustrated especially when I'd lose a long post I had just written. A couple of weeks ago, it became really started making weird noises, you'd freeze....Then came that horrible blue screen with the words "Dumping physical memory" and "Operating system not found".

I went crazy! But now I've come to terms with this. You've served me well along the years. Now, it's time for me to find a new companion.

Thank you dear Laptop. Thank you.


samuraisam said...

/samuraisam bets it is a HP/compaq laptop

Dubai Sunshine said...

Nope...guess again :)

nzm said...

A Sony Vaio?

chazoo said...

Excellent hommage!

Mine is also going beserk! I had to bring it to the doctor twice, and they had to do a special operation for me not to loose everything. I hope it lasts just a bit longer...

Anonymous said...

Ohh but tell me where is this online Risk :) Sorry bout your lappy, Guessin its a toshiba they are horrible with the batteries

sky said...

BACK UP!!! will so regret it if you lose everything.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Anon! You win, it is a Toshiba.

As for the online Risk, I can't seem to find it anymore. Will let you know if I do.