Saturday, June 10, 2006

I hate A/C

Every since I moved back to the UAE, I have come to hate this thing called air conditioning. Really HATE it! And it's a source of arguments wherever I go.

At work, we are divided into 2 camps: those who turn the A/C on and those who turn it off. Everytime someone touches the thermostat, everyone starts to scream, voicing their opinion about whether we should keep the A/C on or off, or turn it up or down. We just can't seem to come to a consensus. I always show up to work with a pashmina, because I know that at some point during the day, I'll be freezing my butt off and will need to cover up.

At home in Dubai, I sometimes sleep with the A/C turned off, even in the middle of summer! I don't mind it. Our home in Abu Dhabi however is a different story. I'm sure the North Pole is not as cold as it is here. Whenever I am in Abu Dhabi, I am always bundled up in a thick sweater and a nice warm blanket, almost as if it's -20 degrees outside!

I have tried turning the A/C down to a normal level, but that's when those around me start complaining that it's too hot (crazy people, I'm telling you!). I have even begun looking forward to the moment I step out of the house, just so I can thaw in the glorious 40-degree heat!

These days, I am constantly suffering from back pain. And while I know that 50% of that pain probably comes from sitting too long in front of the computer, and sleeping the wrong way, I am convinced that the other 50% comes from the damn A/C!


laila said...

damn back pain tell me about it :(
yes it might be the's can be evil!

Anonymous said...

Cool. Great Blog.

Mar said...

Good, so it's not just me. I got into a few arguments with people I hung out with when I was in Dubai because of the freezing temp in their cars or houses.

Pashmina at the office.Has to be an advertising thing.

Anonymous said...

You lot are all nuts! You'll be wanting fires installed next!!

chazoo said...

Nope... pashminas are not exclusive to advertising!

I have A/C at home, which is ok, but at work,that's another story! In my case, it has nothing to do with crazy colleagues but with the state of disrepair of the buiding. Hmmm.

Really though, I've never been in an office building/tower where it is not cold in the summer due to the A/C.