Friday, February 02, 2007


Why am I up by 9:30 on a Friday morning after being up until 5AM last night? (or this morning to be more accurate?). Why? WHYYYYY? Can someone please explain to me?



moryarti said...

u call that early?


Dubai Sunshine said...

Well, when you sleep at 5AM, that's early.....I need 8 hours of sleep to be happy....7 hours to be satisfied. Nothing less :)

Jin said...

We had friends from Dubai over this weekend - first time we've seen them since leaving the Magic Kingdom, so there was heaps to catch up on. I hit the perch around 1am, but was up again at 9am. Despite a solid 8hrs sleep, I went & had 40 winks in the afternoon! I think I'm getting old!

Did you get up early to get some headache pills by any chance? LOL