Monday, February 19, 2007


I've finally discovered a yoga place right next to my work...and I am soooooo happy! It's really convenient because it's a 5-minute drive away, and the classes are interesting. The timings are a bit off though, so either I'll have to start leaving work earlier than usual, or wait for the later classes to begin...we'll see... But all I can say is, boy am I out of shape. There was some serious muscle pain after the first couple of classes!

I've also recently discovered Facebook, an online community which allows you to find and link up to friends all over the world. Now, I haven't used Facebook to its full potential yet (adding pictures and messages etc.), but it has satisfied my never-ending need of always finding people I know in common with other people I know...I can now play my own version of 6 degrees of separation online! Love it!

And finally, I've discovered that some people can be condescending, stupid, rude, mean and unprofessional, despite them having no seemingly obvious reason to be this way. And that I have yet to learn how to deal with these people. Any thoughts or advice? (I can't adopt my typical "avoidance" strategy, as these are people I need to interact with on a daily what do I do?)


nzm said...

I've had a pamphlet in our car about a yoga center close to your work which I've been meaning to give you, but we haven't seen you for so long! I bet it's the same one!

As for the people who act the way they do, face them, and ask them, "Do you realise that you appear condescending/stupid/rude/mean/unprofessional? Do you mean to come across like that?"

If they say, no - well, tell them that they do and that they should re-evaluate their behaviour when dealing with others.

If they say yes - tell them that they might want to re-evaluate their careers and go and work where they don't have to deal with other people.


Restless in Dubai said...


Anonymous said...

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KJ said...

Yes, people can be all those.

Especially when that person is "the boss"