Tuesday, May 06, 2008

An inspiration

I do not know the Dasmals, and I do not know Negin, but a friend of mine forwarded this blog to me, with a warning: "it's sad...don't read if you don't want to cry".

But I read it, and yes it's sad, but it's also an inspiration. Negin, a young businesswoman who is the driving force behind successful ventures such as N-Bar and 1847 Men's Spa in Emirates Towers was recently diagnosed with cancer, while pregnant with her fourth child.

Her husband writes weekly updates, informing us about Negin's treatment and progress, and how the family has adjusted to the situation.

The way Negin has been dealing with her illness, and the way her husband has been supporting her throughout her ordeal is truly touching, moving, inspiring and it definitely makes you put things in perspective.

Suddenly, that annoying colleague, or the daily traffic, or that unresponsive telecom provider are no longer a priority... Rather, your focus shifts to the important things in life: family, friends, health...

Here's hoping that Negin stays strong in her fight against cancer, and that the members of this lovely, loving family always stay there for each other.


moryarti said...

a friend at work who knows Negin told me about this blog a while back. There were only 2 posts when i visited it..

May God give this family strength during these very hard times..

Akinoluna said...

I hope everything is okay, they haven't posted an update since May 4!

P.S. Came here via Toot this morning...

angelina said...

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